Wedding photographer who travels the world photographing weddings for modern and stylish couples.

London wedding photohrapher

It means a lot to me that you're taking the time to get to know me.

Since a young age I’ve always felt the drive to create something unique. Whether that was through fashion, home décor, cooking or other outlets.
My photography journey started on the street by taking photos of strangers and creating stories. Somewhat later my friend asked me to assist her with photographing a wedding and that’s where everything changed! I've realised that whilst shooting street photography, I was missing being able to delve deep into the stories of my subject – all the emotions from laugh to tears in one place. It transpired that, I've found my true mission!

london photographer

I have been told that my photography is different. and as much as I like arty pictures I promise you, that they are additional to your full gallery.Check out my stories

Some information about myself that you may like to know


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I demonstrate my magnetic powers ;)

people, music, cinematography

London wedding photographer

My favorite person is

Nothing makes me happier than

watching my plants growing

My boyfriend!

I’m addicted to

i collect

photography books

hot spicy cuisine and sauerkraut

My dream car

random fACT

I like cleaning

Ford Mustang Shelby 1967.